The Americans are Coming, The Americans are Coming

There’s a land rush, rivaled
only by the homesteaders heading off in 1889 to the Oklahoma plains, of Americans heading off to Mexico.

Writing in Dissent
magazine, Miami University
professor Sheila Croucher reflects on what’s going in San Miguel de Allende, in "They Love Us Here": American Migrants in Mexico.

Kent Patterson, editor of Frontera NorteSur, analyzes the
same piece using Puerto Vallarta as an example, in his article Gringlandia – The U.S. Migrant Boom Hits Mexico. But what both of these commentators forget is that the
interest of foreigners in Mexico extends beyond the traditional beach venues, Lake Chapala and San Miguel de Allende to other areas of the country.

Morelia doesn’t get mentioned nearly as
often, but it’s a strong contender in the expat market. It’s not doing handstands
to attract foreigners, and that’s part of its appeal.

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