Saying Sorry

Miami criminal defense lawyer Brian Tannebaum
muses on networking and business relationships at Miami Business Network Blog ,
offering up uncommon sense laced with a dose of humor.

You don’t have to be in Miami or even in business
to benefit from his advice:

"Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest

"It’s a sad, sad

And it’s getting more and more absurd"

When you’ve offended, upset, angered, or hurt someone, and you give a crap,

You don’t say:

[1] I never meant to offend, upset, anger, or hurt you.(what you meant to do is meaningless);

[2] Can’t you take a joke?

[3] I’m sorry that you feel that way. (i.e., this is your problem)

[4] It wasn’t my intent to offend, upset, anger, or hurt you. (your intention
is irrelevant)

[5] Call me when you’re ready to talk. (i.e. when you get over this, I’m here)

You do say:

[1] I’m sorry.

[2] I’m really sorry.

[3] I’m very sorry I offended, upset, anger, or hurt you, how can I fix this?

[4] If true: "I’m sorry, this relationship is important
to me, you are important to me, I want to fix this now, and I’m going to do
everything I can to fix it."

Last thing:

How many times do you say sorry?


Once by e-mail or phone, then again if it doesn’t work. The third time is in
writing, by hand.

Last, last thing:

If there is something you can do to "fix it," beyond the
"sorry," do it, now.


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