When You Can’t Beat ‘Em

If you live in the kind of neighborhood that I do, sooner or later Saturday night comes around, and that means music time. And even more so if the neighbor kid is getting together with a hundred of his best friends. Realizing that givin’ ‘em back a dose of the Grateful Dead or Led Zeppelin or even Jerry Jeff Walker on your tiny speakers is sort of like a flea doing an elephant, you still have alternatives: moving away, committing suicide or learning to like it. And mouthing a prayer “Well, at least it’s not banda.”


And that’s where Michoacán comes in. No, not the state. Fernando Miranda Rios, born and raised in California, has produced eight records (yes, indeed and in the 12” vinyl variety) which marry progressive rock with disco and electro to create something that’s kind to the ears of someone who’s almost at the half-century mark. And it would work well on the iPod for hitting the road on a power walk or burning some fat on the NordicTrack.

Here are a few easy-on-the-ears samples:



Hold on Baby, We’ll Make It

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