The New Phone Book’s Out

Dane Schiller at Beyond the Border inspired this post when he reviewed the new two-volume issue of the Mexico City phone book.

The new phone books are out in Morelia. too. Well, unlike Steve Martin, I’m not somebody, because my name’s not listed. And it hasn’t been for years, but it may make it to next year’s edition, because Telmex just started charging $10.40 M.N. a month for unlisted numbers. And since I have two, dating back to the days when a telephone line was hard to come by, that adds up. Maybe I’ll be sandwiched in between Rosas and Rosel.

Even though Morelia’s phone book is about three inches thick and filled with 1080 yellow pages, the white pages for the city only total 239 pages. That’s because the phone book includes Patzcuaro, Zacapu, Zinepecuaro, and twelve-telephone burgs like San Pablo Pejo, San Bernabe, Ojo de Agua de Chupio, Herbierto Jara, Huajumbaro, Fontezuelas, Manceta, Paramuen, Zurumbeneo, and places in between. If you’re looking up someone who lives in Santa Clara de Cobre, don’t even look under Santa Clara; look under Villa Escalante.

Unchanged from last year, the first and last names to appear in Morelia’s white pages remain Henrik Tor Aasheim and Rita Esther Zuzua Vega.

There are no Lefflers in this phone book, but there are two Levins and three entries for Levy. Eleven Johnsons, one Jones (Ma. Guadalupe Jones de Acevedo), and two Smiths. This is a small enough town to know that they’re not foreigners.

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3 comments on “The New Phone Book’s Out

  1. Ray says:

    Any Youngs? Enjoying your information here, Moreliana. Quite a spectrum of thoughts and ideas on this site. Take care.


  2. There is but one Young in the phone book — Roberto Young Diaz.


  3. Aaaah, ‘Jones’!
    An appellation much loved by teenage boys here for its possibilities of low humour.
    Jessi Cajones, Moni Cajones, El Mojones etc etc


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