Appearances Count

In a short article “No Breaking, Just Entering” in the New York Times, appears this:

The police described the criminals as members of an ethnic group originating in Europe. They keep to themselves, speak their own language and use assumed names, making it difficult to track them, the police said.

Roving bands of Hassidim? The marauding French? Germans? Giant, hulking Basques?

The article went on:

“Their looks can vary,” Sergeant Reilly said. “Sometimes they are mistaken for Indian or Pakistani, sometimes South Asian, sometimes Hispanic.”

Oh, I get it now. Gypsies. Has “Gypsy” become a protected class whose name cannot be uttered in polite society in the U.S. now?

In Mexico, excelente presentación routinely appears in job ads for positions dealing with the public. Even the driver’s license bureau demands details for characteristics such as one of eight shades of skin color, type of nose, bold type, size of lips, expanse of forehead, and existence of mustache even for women. “Bald” and “tinted” are legitimate descriptions of hair color. So, what’s the big deal?

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