Is Naked the New Black?

The Full Monty took naked mainstream, even though some of us still recall The Naked Guy of Berkeley, streaking and Hair. And now, everywhere you look, we’re surrounded by people taking it all off – for art, for protest, and even to sell calendars for charity. Little old ladies in Pittsburgh have gotten into the act.

To most lawyers, “going bare” simply means not having professional liability insurance. I must’ve missed it, but Naked Lawyers was even a movie. But there is even a substantive law blog, Naked Law, which happens to be all about U.K. technology laid bare by Cambridge lawyers.

And then there’s the Naked Lawyer Ploy:

From Bill Liebbe of Dallas — who has “always been of the firm belief that naked people and especially naked lawyers have no power to intimidate people” — this excerpt from the deposition of Dr. Theodore Caliendo, who was certainly following Bill’s advice.
Q. Did you and Mr. Liebbe have an opportunity to discuss the case?
A. Very briefly.
Q. Tell us — tell the jury about your conversations, please.
A. We just discussed what questions could possibly be asked of me.
Q. I’d like to have complete detail, what he said …
A. Just did I have all the information that I was going to need; did I have the copies of the depositions; did I have the records. And I expressed some concern about my last deposition; I thought the attorney was quite rude, and focused on everything else but the case. And he reassured me that sometimes this happens and he gave me some great advice. He said when anybody does that, just make believe you’re looking at them naked. That’s a great idea. That was the gist of our conversation. I don’t recall anything else that we talked about.
Q. I’ve got to know, is everyone still fully clothed?
A. Yes, thank you. I just had a bad experience this morning.
MR. LIEBBE: You were naked in a couple of earlier depositions in this case. Just thought I’d let you know.

Cannot we leave well enough alone — or at least to the imagination? If G-d meant for people to go naked, he wouldn’t have invented clothing and prescribed rules for wearing them.


2 comments on “Is Naked the New Black?

  1. I know Bill Liebbe. Bill Liebbe is a friend of mine. I do not EVER want to picture Bill Liebbe naked! And I do not EVER want Bill Liebbe to picture ME naked!!


  2. Ray says:

    Hehehe, I recently stripped down and went skinny dipping with my son at Ichaqueo, he was estatic..thankfully there were no witnesses :) ….or were there?


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