The Second New Amsterdam?

Legislation has been introduced in Mexico City to make prostitution legal. To protect sex workers, claims its proponent. The city’s already given the green light to gay unions and legal abortion, boasts urban beaches, and has planned the wireless cloud. What’s next – marijuana bars? Is the D.F. destined to become the Amsterdam of North America?

wood_amgothic Last week a local restaurateur told me that he’d sold his establishment in the D.F. after patronage fell, because people there were afraid to go out at night there. Relocating to Morelia, he remarked that this place is safe enough, but people just don’t go out at night here.

We spend our time in Morelia watching what’s happening in the D.F., shaking our heads like Midwestern provincials, saying “Not in our city.” But we’re really not Mexican Gothic. You won’t find 18,000 people disrobing for Spencer Tunick at the Plaza de Armas. Most of us regard the D.F. with the same awe that folks in Kansas City save for New York City. We’ll go out of town for sin and foolish pleasures.

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