Starbucked in Morelia

1475: The first coffee shop opens in Constantinople.

1654: The first coffee shop opens in Italy.

1822: The prototype of the first espresso machine is created in France.

1937: Salvador López Martínez started toasting and grinding coffee in Morelia.

1938: Nescafé instant coffee is invented.

2007. The first Starbucks opens in Morelia. It’s also the first in Michoacán.

More than 80 Starbucks dot the landscape of Mexico City. Almost 20 do business in Guadalajara, and seven in Puebla. And all within the last five years. 

Starbucks image It’s not as if Morelianos had been doing without fine coffee up until now. For the past seventy years, Café Europa has been doing a land office business in the bean, and it’s still the leader in this town’s café society. In addition to the Cafe europa mother house on Bartolomé de las Casas No. 97, fourteen branches do a brisk business. In 1994, Lilian’s Coffees (“Where coffee roasting is an art”) set up shop in Morelia and now has franchises in every state in Mexico. Puebla-based The Italian Coffee Company added Morelia a few years back to its stable of more than three hundred Mexican franchises.

Will yet another coffee shop make it in Morelia? I think the answer is a resounding yes. I know I’ll go to the new Starbucks to see and to be seen, to pick up some coffee accouterments, and for a good iced tea.

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2 comments on “Starbucked in Morelia

  1. In May ’06 we witnessed the opening of the first Starbucks in Monterrey, N.L. I have never seen such lines! All the patrons were the toniest kids of the city, all less than 21 yrs old and all posing in Dad’s car (or, more probably, the car that Dad bought them).
    I would have thought that Mexico was not yet quite ready for a cafe society outside a handful of major cities so I don’t expect to see a Starbucks in Tampico any time soon – more’s the pity!


  2. D says:

    Ed’s description of Monterrey sounds like the Dec. 2004 opening of the Starbucks outlet in Guadalajara’s Providencia neighborhood. I wrote on it:
    I notice that since Wi-Fi was introduced there are now a lot more laptops in Starbucks these days – and fewer fresa kids. Also, the competition has got its act together. There are now some really good coffee shops in Guadalajara that actually serve well-made coffee – and don’t just have an espresso machine.


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