Can English-language Fishwrap Make a Comeback in Mexico?

The Mexico City News, back until the late 80s, was a good newspaper with original coverage. There was a Sunday section, Vistas, which I think Sally Sue Hulse edited, featuring regular columns, some good, some drek, from various parts of Mexico. Morelia’s section, the responsibility of the late Montgomery Budd was as much a social page as it was informative, and in those days when I lived back in Iowa, it was pretty exciting to have my picture run along with the local gossip. Even the travails of Ted Wick in Taxco and Bert Krause in Cuernavaca were more sophisticated than some of the stuff which passes for news in the Guadalajara Colony Reporter and Atencion San Miguel. Pete Hammil was editor-in-chief for a short period of time. By the time The News died, it was yesterday’s news.

The mid-1980s delivered a fantastic small magazine called something like Mexico Today, which, if memory serves me correctly, Michael Zamba edited. That magazine didn’t make it to the two-year mark.

In the 1950’s, Anita Brenner published Mexico/This Month, which fit well within the context of the times.

The News bit the dust four or five years ago, and the Miami Herald joint ventured with El Universal to publish a English-language daily which didn’t live up to the reputation of the glory days of The News. And it gave up the ghost a few months ago.

Reputable sources have The News making a comeback. Read more at The low-rent correspondent, who cites former Herald writer Kelly Arthur Garrett’s blog, Mexcalplan.

Today, the Internet makes access to other news sources easy, even if paid access is required. 75% original content should be the minimum. Let’s hope the new venture uses the Buenos Aires Herald as an example. Until then, I’m relying upon Ron Mader’s list of Mexican news sources at

One comment on “Can English-language Fishwrap Make a Comeback in Mexico?

  1. C.M. Mayo says:

    And there is now Inside Mexico, a free monthly newspaper. Webpage is


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