Fighting for a Way of Life

Charles Kent Bullock of Bullock’s Feed in Artesia, Don Spearman of Animal Nutrition and Supply in Carlsbad, Tony T. Ortega of Mesilla Valley Feeds in Las Cruces and Johnny Unias Montoya of Johnny’s Service Station, Raul Trevino of Lewallen Supply and Pradip D. Bhakata of the Hilltop Inn are standing up for their rights — and the rights of Everyman. They’ve joined the New Mexico Gamefowl Breeders Association in a lawsuit against the State of New Mexico for violating rights protected under the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Legislation enacted in New Mexico would ban cockfighting — a sport which even George Washington enjoyed.

Louisiana, too, has joined the pack in banning rooster duels.

Cockfight Now it’s perfectly understandable why cockfighting might be illegal in place like Vermont, but Louisiana and New Mexico?  You’d think legislatures would have better issues to legislate upon instead of treading upon well-established cultural values. I’m willing to bet good money that the guys who voted to ban teleological totems have never set foot in las peleas de gallos.

All of this is yet another reason why Mexico’s a great place to live. We still honor the tradition of the good fight in these parts.

And the image above? That’s “The Cockfight,” painted by Jean-Léon Gérome, and hanging in the Louvre, Paris. Cockfighting’s not just a redneck sport.

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