Going to Starbucks for the Garbage

Starbucks has now been up and running in Morelia for less than two weeks, and I’m ashamed to report how many times I’ve visited the place, even if it is a five-mile drive from my house. The Starbucks experience is actually something new for me, having visited only two Starbucks establishments in my entire life which weren’t housed in an airport. The efficiency of Morelia’s franchise amazes me, even if it does mean having to schlep a cup of espresso with my very own name emblazoned upon it to my table, something that just never happens at this town’s other coffee houses.

But I don’t go there for the coffee, even if it is steaming hot. Or for the pastries, the music, Wi-Fi, the touch of Estadounidense corporate enterprise, or the chance to see and be seen. I really don’t even care that Starbucks may have an enlightened labor policy. I go to Starbucks, because they’re giving away used coffee grounds, all neatly wrapped up in the very same foil bag in which the coffee was delivered to Starbucks, sealed with a decorative label, and presented in a basket boasting of a free gift.

My own coffee grounds never find their way into my garden at home, because doing that is just too much effort. Free coffee grounds are another matter, especially when they come in a gift-wrapped package. It’s not a matter of caring about the environment or helping Starbucks get a reputation for going green. It’s a matter of simple economics. Free and gift make all the difference in the world.

Starbucks has cleverly seduced me into becoming its unpaid garbage collector.

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2 comments on “Going to Starbucks for the Garbage

  1. Aaaah! Good old Starbucks.
    When they opened the store in front of the Palacio de Hierro in Monterrey, the place was filled with ‘fresas’ for days on end – then the upper class kids descended on the place and actually formed a line, practically around the block, for a taste of that gringo atmosphere…
    Here in Tampico, we don’t even have a Gloria Jeans to slake our thirst and very few restaurants have an espresso machine they actually know how to use.


  2. Frank says:

    I was excited that Starbucks was opening in Morelia … I even was there with a coworker on opening day. But, I have to say that after a couple months, I no longer carry this joy. Starbucks Morelia has chronic problems with 2 things that keep me from returning. The first is that their Internet is always down .. and I mean ALWAYS. Obviously they don’t want to attract buisness or tech savvy clients for some reason. And secondly, they aren’t doing anything to manage the hords of “fresa” adolescents that are squatting in the place in groups of 10 with 1 paying customer. They have let the place become a substitute living room for the kids that live in the area.
    The only positive thing left is that they don’t allow smoking as it is against corporate policy .. but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did away with that too soon. Starbucks Morelia, no thanks … Starbucks in the USA .. definitely!


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