Beat in Michoacán

The year was 1951, and the early Beats spent their time in Mexico, too. Lucien Carr was working for UPI, having been released from prison a few years earlier for killing a man who’d made unwelcome sexual overtures, and he and Allen Ginsburg, who hadn’t yet written Howl, went to Mexico City to visit William S. Burroughs, who had fled pending drug charges in Louisiana with his common law wife Joan Vollmer and their child. By the time they’d arrived, Burroughs was off to Guatemala in pursuit of a handsome lad, so the trio set off on a road trip which included Patzcuaro and Paracutín while Vollmer debates whether to return to New York or remain in Mexico. Opting for the path of least resistance, her choices ended when Burroughs shot her a year later during their game of “William Tell.”

Almost fifty years later, Courtney Love and Kiefer Sutherland would travel to Mexico to make “Beat,” a forgettable film about that road trip. Here are samples of the scenes from Michoacán.

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One comment on “Beat in Michoacán

  1. Brian says:

    Neal Cassidy died near San Migual de Allende on railroad tracks and Jack Kerouac was down too.


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