Tell Your Tale to Sam Quinones

True Tales If you’re distant from an English-language bookstore, take warning. Do not lend out your copy of Sam Quinones’ True Tales From Another Mexico. Even if your friends are honest borrowers, you won’t see it back in your hands for a long, long time. Mine circulated among every reader of the English language between Morelia and Erongaricuaro, teaching me a valuable lesson.

I’ll write about his newest book, Antonio’s Gun and Delfino’s Dream, soon, but I’m not going to lend that one out. You’ll just have to buy your own copy.

Realizing that everyone has a story to share, Quinones has dedicated a part of his website to the public, eliciting their stories. Contribute yours at Tell Your True Tale. He’s particularly interested in themes about immigration and aspects of Mexico, but that’s broader than it might appear at first glance. We’re all immigrants on this planet. The immigrant experience extends far beyond lettuce pickers in Salinas, beyond those working in the meat plants of Storm Lake, Iowa, and those harvesting apples in Washington. It pervades every aspect of Estadounidense culture, from my blogging partner David Leffler off in New York City to the part-time resident in San Miguel de Allende. Even presidential candidates Bill Richardson and Mitt Romney have immigrant and Mexican roots. The theme touches all of us.

I’m going to tell my tale, and I’m anxiously waiting to read yours.

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