The Dirty Old Man Case

Since one of this blog’s categories is law, it’s required that we discuss it from time to time, preferably at great intervals. Back when I was in law school, during the last year of Nixon Administration, we would look up The Law in a quaint media called “print.” Westlaw and Lexis were barely on the horizon, and privileges to access a computer were granted only to a handful of students, selected not for their interest in legal scholarship but for their interest in playing with new toys. I was fortunate to be among them, even if we were really the law school version of the A-V squad who got to run the film projector in elementary school.

Behind the Green Door and Deep Throat may have brought adult films to the masses in 1972, but that wasn’t enough to satisfy a bored law student’s lust for dirty words. Dirty words in a legal opinion were even better.

And now Staring at Strangers brings you the best-read law case, one explored by every law student since 1943: Lason v. State, 12 So.2d 305 (Fla. 1943).

Go to any law library which still has books, and the reporter in which this case can be found will readily open to the case. Of course, lawyers don’t read cases bound in leather volumes these days.