An Award I’ll Never Forget

Last week, I retired from one job and took on another. In 1995, I took on the mantle as editor-in-chief of The Compleat Lawyer, which later became known as GP|SOLO Magazine, published by the American Bar Association. My last day in that role would be followed by my first as the newly-elected Secretary of the ABA General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Division.

During that final editorial board meeting in San Francisco, all of the former chairs of the Division wandered in, presenting me with a very generous gift, and, of course, I responded with my usual Bushisms.

The ambush had only begun. At the Division’s Council meeting, I knew from the agenda that I was in line for one of the Division Awards, which were also given to David Lefton, Wynn Gunderson, and Betty Smith Adams, so I told myself to think of something funny so I could be sure to smile when my turn came around. Division Chair John Macy calls me to the podium, and, to my surprise, he also calls upon Lee Kolczun, who reads a resolution so full of glowing praise that I almost wondered if he was talking about the right person. This one left me totally at a loss for words. And even more so when I later read what’s inscribed on the plaque:

With grateful appreciation for and recognition of Outstanding Lifetime Contribution to the ABA GP|Solo and Small Firm Division as Editor-in-Chief of the GP|Solo Editorial Board.

It’s my turn here to thank the Division leaders and the more than 30,000 members of the Division for making all of this possible. (And lest there’s any confusion, the award went to jennifer j. rose, not her co-blogger, David Leffler, who gets some credit somewhere for doing something!)


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