Naco Knows No Borders

In the New York Times Travel Section is a video about the tacky side of New York City.

But New York doesn’t have the monopoly on naco. Mexico has its share, too, from the fun animations at Naco y Fresa, the velvet sombreros tourists love to buy, the awful glow-in-the-dark pink cake laced with florescent green sold at street fairs, and shiny polyester shirts with the image of the Virgen or fighting cocks. A mesh plastic shopping bag in the trademark Burberry plaid takes naco to even newer lows. NaCo now brings naco mainstream, in stores in the U.S. and Mexico.

Even Morelia has its own version of naco. Going to La Inmaculada for fine dining or buying your entire wardrobe at the Mercado de Dulces works, too.

Still not sure what’s naco and what’s not? See Rim Magazine’s explanation here.


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