The Price of Sex

We don’t like writing, talking or even thinking about sex any more than you do, but we have to address this topic from time to time. We really didn’t come up with the idea on our own; it’s in the rules. The other mandatory topic is disaster, and while we’d frankly rather discuss sex than disaster, frequently sex and disaster are not mutually exclusive concepts. You know: the wages of sin, plagues of boils and locusts, pillars of salt, wanton lust, love and desire, Sodom and Gomorrah, that kind of thing.

But on to sex.

An article in El Universal sets forth the price of clean and safe sex:

  • A package of condoms begins at $1.50 USD.
  • A box of 25 contraceptive pills for women, to be taken daily, ranges from $2 USD to $15 USD, depending upon the brand.
  • One preventive pill, to be taken a half hour before sexual relations, costs $5 USD.
  • A box containing three portions of spermicide runs $1.80 USD.
  • The morning-after pill, $7 USD.
  • A gynecological consultation can range in cost from $40 USD to $150 USD or more.
  • A contraceptive implant for women, good for five years, runs $240 USD.
  • An encyclopedia about sexuality begins at $30 USD and costs up to $250 USD. (The more expensive versions are multi-volume editions.)

And if those measures don’t work out, the cost of childbirth begins at $150 USD at the Hospital Civil in Morelia. A fancier place, like Star Medica, will set a mother back about $1,500 USD and upwards.

And sex with strangers? Well, that’s a topic for another day. Even Morelia has its red-light zones and adult entertainment districts, although you won’t read about them in most travel guides.

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