F Stands for Fausto

Fausto 002 Morelia’s dotted right now with posters with a giant white F emblazoned against a red background, sort of a scarlet letter in reverse. The first time I spotted one of these from a distance, my immediate reaction was “F, for fucked.” Only a split second later did it hit me that these posters, great and bold examples of graphic design, were in support of Fausto Vallejo, one of the contenders in the November 11 race for Presidente Municipal of Morelia.

Gazing at the poster, I couldn’t help wondering “What were they thinking?” And I thought a little more. And gave it a second look. And a third.

Estadounidense culture pervades this country. Students aren’t graded on an A to F scale, but everyone knows what a headline claiming “So-and-so gets an F for foreign policy” means. Out of the seventeen movies playing right now at the local Cinepolis, only a single one was made in Mexico — El Búfalo de la Noche. But for two made in France and Norway, the remaining fourteen are made in the U.S. or Canada, which means that they’re either dubbed or subtitled. We clearly know what the F-word means.

F can stand for fuerza or franqueza, and it can carry a lot of other positive connotations.

Now, whether you like Fausto Vallejo or not, and I happen to like the guy, you have to admit that he and his team know their business. He’s got a doctorate in political science and comparative constitutional law from The Sorbonne, and he’s spent his lifetime in public service, having served at the side of former governor Genovevo Figueroa, serving as state president of PRI, and putting in a couple of terms as presidente municipal. He’s on a first-name basis with all of Morelia: simply say “Fausto,” and everyone knows you’re talking about Fausto Vallejo. No last name is needed.

Someone’s studied the impact of this poster, considering it from all angles. And whoever developed and approved it has balls. Or, as we say around these parts, huevos. Cojones. And that’s a good thing.


2 comments on “F Stands for Fausto

  1. Temo Rivera says:

    it’s a very good campaign, indeed. I like it a lot…it may even make me lean towards Fausto in the elections. I’m certainly giving the F-word to both PAN and PRD


  2. Felipe Zapata says:

    My take on the Big F is that poor ole Fausto has the pinched face of a rat. Really. He appears to be hunting his cheese. He is quite unattractive, not good for a politician anywhere. So, they dropped the photos that used to be on his billboards and went with the Big F, which is an attention-getter indeed.
    I am about finished with an excellent book of Mexican political history. It´s “Mexico: Biography of Power” by Enrique Krauze. I was surprised to learn that many of the post-Revolutionary presidents of Mexico were not the pure goons I had imagined. They were very well-educated, even bloody Diaz Ordaz of 1968 fame, and some would fit into the category of intellectual. But still, they often were thugs. Educated thugs.
    Point being that Fausto may be well-educated but that doesn´t mean he´s not another heavy-handed PRI-ster. I really don´t know.
    With the PRI´s history of murder, fraud and national robbery, with the exception of Zedillo, I do not understand why anyone votes PRI these days. I am a PAN man. Though I oppose leftism in most forms, I understand why people vote PRD. I understand them, but I don´t agree with them.
    But I simply cannot understand support for the PRI.


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