Age Before Beauty

Lots of things do get better with age. Fine wine, cheese, vintage clothing and printers, just for starters. In Databazaar Blog, Taeho Lim writes about my oldest printer. Last year, I even toted to the local computer shop in Morelia to have it cleaned and lubed for the very first time, which is sort of like taking the Oldest Living Confederate Widow in for having her teeth cleaned. But the shop did agree that they could keep it running forever. Can you say the same about today’s disposable discount printers?

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One comment on “Age Before Beauty

  1. I retired my HP 4L to my home, which I purchased in the early ’90’s, and it still keeps on printing at 4 pages a minute without a single paper jam. Since that time I have gone through several HP printers, which seem to be built shoddier and shoddier, so that I’ve decided that my next office printer will not be an HP.


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