Gimme the Chisme

You may have first heard of him when he was Apple’s Chief Evangelist. Or maybe from Fog City Software. Law school dropout Guy Kawasaki, CEO of Garage Technology Ventures, changes jobs more frequently than many people change their underwear. And now he’s got a yet another new venture running: Truemors, a vehicle to spread rumors, gossip, news, trivia and everything else under the sun. Truemors has a social networking version to “tell your friends” and a web version to “tell the world.”

truemors A search for “Mexico” turned up stories revealing that Duane “Dog Chapman isn’t going to be extradited to Mexico for kidnapping, flooding in Tabasco has displaced over a half million people, and 119 mummies repose in a Guanajuato museum. None of those stories exactly fall into the rumor category, but they did make for good reading.

Look up “sex” and “Hillary Clinton” for more salacious news.



One comment on “Gimme the Chisme

  1. Better yet, why not look up “sex” and “Bill Clinton”?


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