Gone to the Dogs

Foreign Native blogs about the popularity of Schnauzers and Pugs in the Distrito Federal, which is Mexico’s version of New York City, where many of its denizens live in apartments.

Morelia’s animal guardians, for the most part, live in single-family houses, which means that we get to have larger versions of pack partners. Like everything else, every dog breed has its day, but certain breeds seem more prevalent than others. Sure, there are the Labrador people and the Golden Retriever people, but before the dogs who wear bandanas were the rage, other breeds reigned, and their progeny are still around. A few Chows, Neopolitan Mastiffs, Weimaraners and Akitas, but for the most part, the breed of choice seems to be the Pastor Aleman. Rottweilers had their day, and, before that Dobermans were the the hot dog. Today, there aren’t many Dobermans around town. Or they just stay at home.

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