Fly Me to Morelia

It wasn’t that long ago that Morelia didn’t have an international airport. Anyone who wanted to get here from there had to either drive here or take the bus or train. Back in those days, we had the luxury of overnight passenger train service from Mexico City. When Aeromar initiated a shuttle to Mexico City, we were more than just a little excited.

MLM keeps on expanding and expanding, and now it’s even got two gates. Flights in and out of this airport are always booked. Today we have daily flights to and from Houston, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Jose, and just about anyplace within the Republic. It’s a friendly, convenient airport, where you’re always guaranteed to run into someone you know. Well, Michoacán is just that kind of place.

There’s even better news on the horizon. Before the end of the year, Aeromar plans to open a route from Ixtapa to Morelia. And back again. And if that’s not enough, before long there’ll be a flight from Morelia to San Antonio with a stop in San Luis Potosi. Hello, North Star Mall!

Mexico Insight writes about the new affordability of flying in Mexico. Staring at Strangers already knew about Viva Aerobus’ remarkably affordable fares last summer. Aermoar plies the skies twice a day between Uruapan and Mexico City for just over $100 USD each way. A flight from Làzaro Cardenas to Uruapan runs about the same price.  And Aeromar now makes the Morelia – Mexico City run ten times a day.

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