Boys Fighting Bulls

Nearly all of the 155 commentators to the New York Times’ article about teenage bullfighters in Mexico have their knickers in a twist. Barbaric, dangerous, most of them whine. Has the U.S. become a nation of ninnies and panty-waists? What about the Estadounidense kids who participate in organized sports? Or eat produce plucked from Mexican fields by underage workers?

There’s good reason that the Dangerous Book for Boys has become a best-seller. Even my co-blogger David Leffler recognizes the challenge of risk.

See the New York Times video of the 13-year old bullfighter and decide for yourself.


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One comment on “Boys Fighting Bulls

  1. C.M. Mayo says:

    Anyone who cares about animals in Mexico, check out what’s happening in Tabasco. Some 80% of the state was inundated, a mega-disaster— so please give to the International Red Cross— and also, to the International Fund for Animal Welfare, which is working in Tabasco and elsewhere. Here’s the IFAW Tabasco news page:


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