Death to the Three-Tequila Lunch?

A Reuters story reports that the death knell is sounding for the “long Mexican business lunch, a tequila-fueled food orgy that could last past sundown” in Mexico City, but that extended lunches are still the practice out in the hinterlands. Maybe I don’t hang out with the right people or at the right places, but my sense is that the habit died a long time ago. Or at least around the time it did in New York City.

The entire tenor of the article is offensive, evoking crude stereotypes of Mexicans and the way they do business.

Let’s read on:

A surge in women executives is also killing off the calorie-loaded “comidas” which could launch businessmen on a bar crawl that led to a strip club or into the arms of a mistress in a pay-by-the-hour hotel.

Maybe it was a slow news day at Reuters.



One comment on “Death to the Three-Tequila Lunch?

  1. Lee Iwan says:

    I’ve been to many, many, many business lunches in Mexico. They begin around 2:30 or 3:00 and usually involve cocktails and a full dinner, which is the normal time to eat in Mexico. Some ended at 4 or 5, some went on until much later.
    Distances and time to travel in Mexico City are making it extremely difficult to get together AT ANY TIME for meetings.
    I have also done the same thing (spent hours around a dinner table for business) in the US, China, Turkey, Taiwan, Argentina, Central America, Switzerland, Italy, Holland and other countries.
    As to the “tequila fueled food orgy”…never seen it or done it…but sure sounds like fun..where can I sign up before they make it extinct?
    Like all good “odd news” stories, a few adjectives here or there help to dress up the facts.


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