Give Something to Tabasco’s Animals

The church ladies have been hitting up folks earlier than usual with their requests for monetary donations for the posada. They started making the rounds a full week ago, which struck me as just a tad strange, given that they usually ask for money sometime around Dia de Guadalupe, accompanying the request with an invitation to some dinner over at the rectory.

I’m not going to donate this year. Not just because the request came just too damn early, and not because I’m still seething over the church secretary’s refusal to call an ambulance when the old limosnero lie half-dead and bleeding in the churchyard until I gave her his name and mine.

The Tabasco flood has left over one million people homeless. The entire area has been devasted. Some say that the disaster makes Katrina look like a day at the beach. Mexico gave what it could to help back in 2005. But Walmart’s donations make the U.S. government’s contributions to Tabasco look like pocket change. Maybe Walmart should simply run the U.S. government; it would probably do so more effectively. Imagine what a difference it would make if only a single day’s investment in the wall protecting the U.S. southern border was re-directed to Tabasco.

Last week, I gave to the Tabasco efforts while shopping at Superama, which is owned by Walmart.

Mexico’s Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores (Foreign Affairs Department of the Secretary of State) has set up two bank accounts for donations in the U.S.:

Bank: Wells Fargo Bank NA
Account Name: “Ayuda Tabasco”
Account Number: 599253401
For Transfers: 121000248
Electronic Code: 111900659

Bank: BBV Bancomer USA
Account Name: “Ayuda Tabasco 2007”
Account Number: 2280300127 (For donations done in California)
ABA: 1-2222-05-06 (For donations done outside California)

Read 0n.

All right, maybe helping people isn’t your thing. But at least give a damn about the animals. C.M. Mayo, in a comment to an earlier post on this blog, tells about the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s efforts.

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