You Can Keep Your Kindle

My name is jennifer, and I’m addicted to Amazon. Everyone who knows me knows this, catering to me by letting Amazon drop-ship books and books to their U.S. addresses. Each time I come back home from the U.S., my luggage is filled with the latest Amazon order.

Amazon tried to ruin my life by introducing the Kindle. Even though I’m not particularly fond of e-books, there was the appeal of simply possessing the latest toy on the block. Its portability and style weren’t selling points, nor was the idea of even buying books more cheaply. David Pogue of the New York Times always gives trusted advice, and his impression of the Kindle just wasn’t that glowing.

How long would Amazon’s free wireless conductivity last? Surely, not forever.

I read on.

With Whispernet, you can be anywhere, think of a book, and get it in one minute.

Kindle Unless you happen to be in one of the areas not shown in green on the map. That’s most of the U.S.




That wasn’t the end of my worries. Amazon insists that it can’t sell the Kindle to customers living outside of the U.S. I guess it’s worried that foreigners will do something dangerous with the Kindle, like read a book. There’ll be no Kindle under the Christmas tree for people who live in Mexico. That’s OK. I really didn’t want this piece of junk in the first place.

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One comment on “You Can Keep Your Kindle

  1. Joe Siegler says:

    Thing is, would you be calling it a “piece of junk” if you could get one? I think not.
    As for the “free” connectivity, do you really think the four hundred dollars is ALL for the unit? I’m sure we’re actually paying for airtime, some of it is buried in the cost of the unit. I bet you if the thing was $149, it would have included a monthly airtime charge, too.


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