Units of Value

There was a time when I valued everything in divorces. What I could spend was measured by the number of divorce clients. Some people think in terms of frozen orange juice and pork belly futures, barrels of oils, and dinars.

image And then I switched to measuring everything by the going rate for a pair of Ferragamo Vara. But then there are only so many shoes one can reasonably collect, and the price has nearly doubled in the past decade.

The unit of value today is the eskandar, well-designed and finely crafted pieces of clothing designed by Eskandar Nabavi, an Anglo-Iranian designer based in London. Each time I’m tempted to buy something, I think of the purchase as one-quarter of an eskandar, half an eskandar.

Sadly, neither Ferragamo nor eskandar is sold in Mexico. Or Argentina for that matter. That’s probably in my best interests. But you can always find both in New York.

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