Hillary, Your Slip is Showing

Is Clinton’s staff retarded or just worn out and ready to quit? Making a big deal out of an old photo of Barack Obama gussied up in traditional African dress, taken when he was in Africa on some kind of official business is just plain silly, stooping the level of the PAN presidential candidate’s intentional mispronunciation of opponent Francisco Labastida’s last name as “La Vestida” (the dress) and suggesting he was a sissy back in the spring of 2000.

Hillary, get a clue. It’s not just your politics. It’s not just your husband. We just don’t like you. By the way, you really need to upgrade your look. Those pantsuits are really ugly. And as for that killer bee yellow blazer, can you say “Lime green polyester leisure suit?”


One comment on “Hillary, Your Slip is Showing

  1. Steve says:

    I started worrying when I saw the picture. Somewhere in my mother’s china cabinet is a picture of me at my 4th birthday party wearing a war bonnet. So much for those political ambitions.


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