One More Roadblock for Mexican Truckers

Estadounidense bureaucrats have ants in their pants once again over the matter of allowing Mexican truckers to traverse the highways and byways of Los Estados Unidos. First, there was the fret and worry over how safe those trucks might be. Would Mexican truckers be able to live up to the code of professional Estadounidense truckers? Now, they’re in a dither about how well Mexican truckers will be able to speak and understand the English language.

Mexico Trucker, a English-language blog devoted to Mexican trucking issues, takes on the matter of the mother tongue.

Thousands of Mexicans drive to Los Estados Unidos every year, and thousands to Estadounidenses drive to Mexico every year. None of them are required to prove proficiency in a language other than their own. There are states in Los Estados Unidos which will administer driver’s license exams in languages other than English, and even the Internal Revenue Service distributes tax forms in Spanish.

It’s time for Los Estados Unidos to get real about the situation. The kind of truck which might make the daily milk run from Pichataro to Patzcuaro isn’t going to be the one making the long-distance run, nor will the driver be some kind of idiot. Over-the-road truck drivers are an intelligent bunch, many of them more savvy than your average lawyer. They bear a lot more responsibility than many college-educated fools, too. Let’s give ’em some credit without demanding proof that they can distinguish an adverb from a gerund.


3 comments on “One More Roadblock for Mexican Truckers

  1. The crucial issue with Mexican truckers is not language. It is skill and training. One of my Mexican brothers-in-law drives long-distance rigs, mostly from Celaya to the U.S. border, hardly a milk run. He has had absolutely no formal training whatsoever. The guy who owns the trucks my brother-in-law drives simply gives him the key and says go thataway. I am talking about the monster diesel jobs.
    My wife, also Mexican and a former civil engineer for the federal highway department, gets nervous even passing a big rig on the highways here. She says most of them are stoned trying to stay awake for long periods of driving. Sure, Gringo truckers are known for that, too, but I would wager it is a far less-widespread phenomenon in the U.S. Plus, you gotta get training up there and pass tests, etc. Not in Mexico.
    Bottom line is that the driver in Mexico may very well be some kind of idiot. I would not loan my car to my brother-in-law.
    I do not know what the rules are for Mexican truckers but, like many things here, what is in the books and what actually happens can be very different.


  2. Barbara says:

    I agree with you Jennifer. I have driven all over Mexico for going on 40 years and I find the Mexican drivers to be much safer drivers and WAY MORE courteous then the drivers in the USA. When I first started driving down here I was certainly not fluent in Spanish……..and still see some signs I don’t understand but that doesn’t keep me from being a good, careful driver. It’s just another smokescreen of discrimination from the USA!


  3. Barbara´s post is a hoot. I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. Really.


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