Bad Boys: Michoacán Takedown

handcuff Yesterday’s apprehension of the North Carolina Marine just outside of Tacambaro put Michoacán once again in the spotlight. Today my inbox was filled with URLs forwarded by Estadounidense friends, lawyers all, bringing old news to my attention, just in case I hadn’t read the local newspaper. In these parts, we were still exchanging the chisme over the latest nab: a gringo living in Patzcuaro calling himself “Montana” who’d walked away from an Oregon prison farm where he was supposed to have been serving a prison sentence imposed by a federal court in Montana.

And before that, there was the capture in Tangacicuaro of David Sauceda, who tricked Bexar County, Texas, jailers into letting him go while he was awaiting trial on murder, armed robbery and other nasty charges.

And yet another Estadounidense outlaw found his way into the arms of Mexican law enforcement authorities.

Whatcha gonna do?

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

Bad boys, bad boys.

Michoacán really isn’t the place to hide, guys.

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