Money for Nothing, and Witches for Free

It’s not always easy to find a witch when you need one. Catemaco, the brujo capital of Mexico, is far away, and from time to time, the witches of Cheran just aren’t in the mood. That means it’s often a matter of finding someone who knows someone, and that someone isn’t always in the phone book. And you know how those witches can be, charging whatever the market will bear.

An advertisement which regularly appears in the Saturday magazine supplement to the local newspaper caught my eye. Brujo y Curandero de Nacimiento, read the ad, promising immediate results from an authentic Indian from the Amazon forests. Taita Curandero not only had three telephone numbers, answered around the clock all year long, but e-mail as well. And even radio programs throughout the country. Could it get any better than this?

I wonder if Taita Curandero offers free Internet consultations like Vandammed, who bills himself as the Gringo Brujo in Catemaco? Go ahead and click on BrujoPal. It won’t hurt you.


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