Do You Look Like a Gringo?

“This Warren Hardy tote bag just shouts ‘Look at the gringa who can’t speak Spanish,'” complained a friend who fit the description at the time.

Kelsey Mulyk offers up some advice about the sure markers of a gringo in Mexico:

  • Wearing a fannypack
  • Dressing like a hippie
  • Wearing short shorts

To those, I’d a few more identifiers: too much ethnic clothing, shorts worn  outside of a resort or sporting activity, tire-treaded huaraches, campesino clothes, makeup-free eyes, shirt and jeans which have never seen an iron,  and oversized clothes.

Who hasn’t read the travel literature telling foreigners to leave the name-brands and jewelry at home? If you’re going to fit in in Mexico, you’d better put on some makeup (at least if you’re female), get rid of the gray hair, become acquainted with an iron, wear a good watch, and let Ralph Lauren, Coach, or Burberry see the light of day.

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