Outsourcing the Presidency

Estadounidenses really don’t have much choice when it comes to presidential candidates: a witch, a guy with a foreign-born father, and an ex-con.

The U.S. is already outsourcing everything else, so why not the presidency? It outsources the nasty job of fighting its wars to poor folk and convicted felons, customer service, tech support and even legal research to India, and everything else to China. Being president really isn’t something to be learned on the job, so it should go to a guy with some experience under his belt. And you really ought to have a president who has some familiarity with the U.S. and doesn’t have to move a long distance.

Can we lend you Vicente Fox for the next eight years? Or even Carlos Salinas de Gortari? All right, so Ernesto Zedillo and Miguel de la Madrid but be better choices, but they’re not around stirring up a lot of anxiety, so we’d sort of miss them.

Look at this way: Mexico does have some history of shipping off its ex-presidents elsewhere, and I’m sure a deal could be worked out to get around what the U.S. Constitution has to say about qualifying to be president. After all, Fox got the Mexican Constitution changed.

3 comments on “Outsourcing the Presidency

  1. SEO says:

    What?! The president cannot be outsourced. Just because you can outsource a lot of things doesn’t mean you can outsource everything. The president needs to be with his country, physically there signing laws and what not. It wouldn’t be such a great sight seeing the president of the USA living in Indonesia, directing what happens in USA without actually seeing what’s happening first hand! There are things which you cannot outsource, and presidency is one of those things.


  2. Outsourcing says:

    It’s maybe one of the rarest things that cannot be outsourced. And besides they have a rule on people running for presidency.


  3. Steve Cotton says:

    You may have a good idea on outsourcing the presidency. Our nomination system certainly has left American voters with a terrible choice. If the United States Supreme Court can rely upon Zimbabwe decisions to assist it in deciding whether the United States Constitution allows capital punishment, why not just have a big international raffle. Want to be the leader of the free world? Just buy a lottery ticket.


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