Gangs Invade San Miguel de Allende

It was bound to happen. You’ve read all the press about the narco-terror along the border of the Rio Bravo. You’ve read about the dangers of Michoacán. One brave Canadian soldiered on to San Miguel de Allende, where he discovered the town taken over by gangs. See the film here. 

2 comments on “Gangs Invade San Miguel de Allende

  1. Thanks Jennifer for the link.
    It was a difficult time personally to infiltrate the gangs of San Miguel. It took hour after hour sitting in the Jardin with my camera and listening to expat after expat talk about real estate and art. But eventually I learned what was really going on in San Miguel and why everyone dressed as they did and talked like they did. I had to leave town in at the end of March following my expose but I will return next winter to continue my studies. I am not finished with these gangs and what they have wrought on San Miguel.


  2. Tex says:

    San Miguel is no longer the place it was. Gangs were bound to show up once property prices started going up. Rich gringos with lots of cash are attractive to criminals… I used to visit yearly, but my last couple of visits left me pretty disenchanted.
    Now it just seems loud, dangerous, and polluted.


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