Stuff People Reading Blogs Like

Back in the 80’s, we had to make do with Lisa Birnbach’s Official Preppy Handbook, Marissa Piesman’s The Yuppie Handbook, and Anna Sequoia’s The Official J.A.P. Handbook. And then there was Paul Fussell’s Class: Style and Status in the USA, followed by David Brooks’ Bobos in Paradise and On Paradise Drive.

Stuff White People Like is this year’s answer to all of that, and it’s spawned even more:

Stuff White Trash People Like

Stuff Educated Black People Like

Stuff Educated Latinos Like

Stuff Iranians Like

Stuff Asian People Like

Stuff Cajun People Like

Stuff Desis/Brown People Like

Stuff Country People Like

Stuff Straight People Like

Stuff Jewish People Like

Stuff Jewish Young Adults Like

Stuff Christians Like

Stuff Queer People Like

Stuff Lesbians Like

Even More Stuff Lesbians Like

Stuff Fashion People Like

Stuff College People Like

Stuff Stick Figure People Like

Stuff Ghetto People Like

Stuff Oprah Likes

White Stuff People Like

Stuff Lawyers Like

Stuff Nobody Likes

Stuff English-Speaking Foreigners Living in San Miguel de Allende Like

and then, Stuff God Hates.

I’m waiting for Stuff Mexicans Like.  You know, our affection for tight clothing, gelatina, pizza Hawaiiana, spike heels and pointed-toe shoes, dyeing our hair as the national hobby, hog dogs used as condiments, learning English, futbol (which Estadounidenses keep referring to as “soccer”), el shopping, mustaches, foreigners with money, name brands, telenovelas, and exiling our ex-presidents.

Have I forgotten anyone?






One comment on “Stuff People Reading Blogs Like

  1. Well Jen, you seemed well qualified to write Stuff Mexicans Like, so why don’t you have at it???


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