Sayonara, Hillary

hillary_clinton_bill_clinton It’s about time, babe. Franco took less time to die than your campaign did to come to an end. And what were you trying to prove anyway? It’s not about endurance; it was about boring the world to death and hogging the limelight. And forgetting the part about being a team player, chica.

It’s no small secret that I’m cheering the demise of your campaign. After all, I’ve got you to credit for confirming that my return to my Republican roots was a wise move back around the end of the Reagan era. Bill had his charms, even if he was an adjudicated liar and a scoundrel. The world will always embrace a Bubba.

Remember the time during Bill’s campaign when you said that fulfilling your profession took precedence over making cookies? The top law student in my law school class, which was of your generation, openly admitted to making cookies the night before final exams to relax.

We really didn’t like your offer of “getting two for the price of one” during that campaign either. Honey, if you wanted to run for office, you could’ve. The point is you weren’t.

Now, you’ve gone off and knocked Barack Obama for lacking your breadth of experience. He has practiced law, and he’s been a candidate for elective office a few more times than you have.

Last summer, at the American Bar Association Margaret Brent Women Lawyers of Achievement Awards Luncheon, a big deal among lawyers, you had your hawkers out there at the Moscone Center selling your campaign stuff. Lady, that’s tacky. And I don’t even care if you had served as the first chair of the ABA Commission on Women in the Profession. I just wasn’t impressed; I was deeply insulted that politics had invaded a professional organization.

The litany of your missteps would take a lifetime to compile and comment upon. You’ve polarized the U.S. more than Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson and the Vietnam War ever could’ve. It’s not about gender; it’s all about class and asserting privilege. You really could use some of the former. In the interest of pure avarice and self-promotion, you set women and democracy back a hundred years. It’s time for you to go home and to stay there.


One comment on “Sayonara, Hillary

  1. Robin says:

    The last thing we need for our first female president is some little woman “standin’ by her man” like Tammy Wynette. Boys will be boys, but with Tammy at the helm, lookin’ the other way, this country’s moral compass would have been spinning out of control.


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