The Breakfast of Champions

New York Magazine asked sixty New Yorkers what they had for breakfast, and they had some interesting answers.

When I’m away from Mexico, I always have a hard time with breakfast. Those who don’t eat eggs, ham or cereal are usually out of luck. I’ve never understood why breakfast food always has to be somewhat bland and why we just can’t eat whatever’s left over from the night before. Cold pizza, leftover Chinese, or even a cold chunk of steak make for a far better breakfast than anything else on the menu. I want color and sparkle to start my day, and that’s why I’ll connive to get freshly sliced tomatoes and avocado, maybe some chile, on my plate, garnished with any kind of meat that’s not pork. Bacon doesn’t count as pork.

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One comment on “The Breakfast of Champions

  1. Steve Cotton says:

    Acceptable breakfasts: cold pizza, cold spaghetti, cold boiled potatoes (con sal), left-over steak straight from the refrigerator — maybe cut in thin strips, or (for a bit of hot variety) Japanese noodles. Oh, yes, any kind of fruit pie.
    Unacceptable: hot meat, cold cereal, hot cereal, sweet rolls, doughnuts, pancakes, french toast, waffles, eggs (with the exception of eggs benedict — and that violates at least three of the previous rules).
    Jennifer — It appears our lists are strikingly similar.


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