As Naked as Jay Birds

Chilangos never can resist the opportunity to drop their drawers. Whether it’s for Spencer Tunick or in protest of something, the duds come off, and it’s time for some exposure. Yesterday, a couple hundred bicyclists rode around the Zocalo to make a point about the city’s notorious traffic. 

Living in the heartland of Michoacán, all of this public nudity sort of makes me feel like an Okie from Muskogee. Or an Asshole from El Paso. Now don’t go getting me wrong: Morelianos protest at the drop of a hate. Hardly a week goes by that the teachers aren’t protesting, the students aren’t marching, or some group isn’t blocking the Centro Historico or the entrance to the Casa de Gobierno. Maybe they ought to take off their clothes; nude protests wouldn’t block traffic nearly as long.

One comment on “As Naked as Jay Birds

  1. Hey, if you’re going to provide a link, at least provide a link to a site that contains a photo of this amazing event. How do you expect us to up our readership on Staring at Strangers without some naked pictures????
    Here’s a couple:,,30100-1269762,00.html


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