The Möbius Strip of Immigration

exmex One of the best books of the year is  Jorge Castañeda’s Ex Mex: From Migrants to Immigrants, which analyzes the immigration conundrum better than anything else I’ve seen. I’ve become such a fan of this book that it’s become one that I buy for friends rather than lending it out.

University of North Carolina political science professor Greg Weeks, who blogs in Two Weeks Notice, likes this one, too.

One comment on “The Möbius Strip of Immigration

  1. Felipe Zapata says:

    Actually, walls do work. They work quite well. Ask Israel.
    The immigration problem has one main cause: A focused, basically trusting and honest Anglo-Saxon nation has a Siamese twin that is Hispanic, blurred, colossally suspicious and often dishonest. This situation exists nowhere in the world except along the U.S.-Mexican border.
    Qué bueno for Mexico. Tough luck for the U.S.


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