Raising McCain

What kind of fool are you, John McCain? I used to harbor some measure of respect for you, but you’re blowing what little support you had among citizens of my country. You came to my country, knowing that Mexicans weren’t too impressed with you.

What has happened, John? You used to have cojones, but you’re emasculating yourself as the campaign goes on. You’re risking becoming as much a weenie as that lawyer with the Ross Perot ears you’re running against. You’re becoming as duplicitous as Hillary Clinton. Wake up and smell the coffee, man.

We’ll just overlook the business of your wife wanting to emulate the late Princess of Wales. We’ll look the other way over that nasty business in the Middle East. But you blew it when you talk out of both sides of your mouth, supporting an immigration bill one year and building a wall the next. Exactly how many terrorists have entered the U.S. from Mexico? Name one. The wall is more than just an affront to everything that the U.S. represents. Let’s get real: it’s intended to keep Estadounidenses from leaving the country, isn’t it? This wall business really offends me.

And trekking all the way over to the Basilica de Guadalupe, just so you can get yourself blessed? Just like Bill Clinton who took communion over at the Catholic Church, you aren’t Catholic. Are you planning to stop in a get yourself blessed by Thomas Monson the next time you’re in Utah, and spend some quality time with Peggy Nadramia when you’re in San Francisco?

Wouldn’t it have been enough just to sit down over comida with Tony Garza and Felipe Calderon while you were in Mexico instead of pandering?

You’ve still got time to do the right thing. Show Mexico a little more respect. We’re not just about drugs, tortillas and the Holy Ghost in this country. And we’re not your backyard.

You’re no Barry Goldwater, and you’re no Ronald Reagan. I’m only one vote out there in the lonely wilderness defending you, but you’re beginning to piss me off.


2 comments on “Raising McCain

  1. Steve Cotton says:

    I would like to disagree with you on this issue, Jennifer, but you are absolutely correct. That wall makes absolutely no sense, and it makes no sense for a good man like John McCain to be cooing about it. We Americans seem to take great joy in being disappointed with our chosen champions. I have noted that many of my friends who were zealous Obama supporters are beginning to wonder if they are simply supporting Just-Another-Politician as he starts sailing the Clinton waters. Of course, that is exactly what he is. And it is exactly what John McCain is. I just had hoped that John would try to reain a bit of his independent soul. I am hoping these are merely mixed message errors. I hope.


  2. muy contento says:

    ‘weenie as that lawyer with the Ross Perot ears’ Lol I love it, bet that will get discussed. The WALL is by far the dumbest idea anybody has had yet. The Berlin wall divided famlies, caused much suffering and death and was the ultimate ugly symbol. Multiply that by 1000 and you might be close to the amount of suffering the border culture (both sides) will experience. Hate to think it, but there has to be racism at work here. They are ‘only’ mexicans. If they were…..well never mind.
    I’ve yet to find anyone who agrees with me, but I think it’s very possible that sometime during this century the US won’t need the workers or the Mexicans won’t need the work. As Mexico continues to inch forward, the world will want to be a trading partner/ally since this country has much to offer. Then the US will be left with the ugliest eyesore in the world and we will debate when/how to take it down, etc. And we worry about leaving problems to our children (actually I don’t but some do).
    The US couldn’t possily look worse in the eyes of the rest of the world, but unfortunately they are not paying attention.
    Meanwhile the candidates do what candidates do. Say on any given day what the crowd wants to hear. I blame we the people more for that than the candidates.


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