3 comments on “The Most Beautiful Flag in the World

  1. Steve Cotton says:

    One of the first entries in my baby book is how I was attracted to flags. Nothing has changed. While my friends were collecting baseball cards in grade school, I was collecting flag cards. My friends might know Ted Williams’s statistics, but I knew the design of the Cambodian flag. To this day, I love flags; I even have a small collection. Even though a Baby Boomer, I am more of a Traditionalist when it comes to flags. They are not merely designs: they are the symbols of the best of every nation. And Mexico’s flag is a classic example of that principle.
    I find it odd in this post-modern era, that anyone has taken the time to do something so old-fashioned as to honor national pride. I say that because of the brouhaha that started over Senator Obama’s reluctance to indulge in the symbolism of flag-saluting and flag pins. That was not surprising. He is the very essence of post-modern man. Symbols are not real, so they have no place of honor in society. He quickly found out that symbols do matter to most Americans, and he has switched to be a man of symbols. And that makes me feel much better about him.
    But I understand his way of thinking. It was best demonstrated by one of my left-wing friends (a person who would never vote for a Democrat because they are all too conservative for his taste), who expressed his disadain for the Canadian flag in the presence of two Canadians. “Looks like the label off of a syrup can,” he quipped, and was then offended that all three of us were offended. “It’s just a piece of cloth” was his best defense.
    He was wrong. Flags are not just pieces of cloth. They represent the best in who we and our neighbors are. I say congratulations to Mexico. Job well done. May all of the dreams that the flag stands for come true for all of her people.


  2. John Feeney says:

    Enjoy the way you presented the background on how we should “look” @ flags. Seldom do we take the time and understand the meaning how or what the design was intended for.
    Flags stand the test of time. Those in marketing continually change the image (Branding) too reflect the time.


  3. Alberto Gonzalez says:

    Proud of my nation
    Proud of my flag
    Proud of being mexican
    Proud of not using my flag in my pants, my underwear or other stupid stuff
    In mexico we respect the flag


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