The Hamburger Standard

Your Big Mac just got more expensive. Big Mac In the short time since this McCurrency menu was compiled, the Mexican peso strengthened against the U.S. dollar.

To track the price of a Big Mac since 2001, go here.

I have never eaten a Big Mac, so I don’t  know what I’m missing.

3 comments on “The Hamburger Standard

  1. Steve Cotton says:

    I have always enjoyed the Big Mac study. To me, it seems to be intuitively accurate. Anyone who has watched the value of the dollar drop against the euro and the Candadian dollar (even though both of those currencies are known to be currently overvalued) knew that the peso was going to move favorably against the American dollar. The amazing thing is that it has taken so long. If the index is correct, we could see a full peso shaved off the exchange rate — much to the consternation of Mexicans who make livings through the tourist trade and NAFTA-related businesses.
    The value of the dollar is created by many factors, but two of them are the American budget and trade deficits. And neither political party is offering any solutions in that area. In fact, one party is simply talking about draining more taxes out of the private sector simply to spend more individual wealth on public projects. Hardly a regimen to build up the dollar’s quads.
    As for Big Macs, Jennifer, you have not missed much.


  2. Ernest says:

    I haven’t had a big Mac in years, even though apparently it costs a lot less here in Japan than Stateside.
    The undervaluation of the yen seems to be accurate. The Japanese government is resisting the dollar sinking to its real value relative to the yen.


  3. Esteban says:

    It’s nice to know there are still “Big Mac” virgins out there. Just say NO. I think the meat is a combination of worms, cardboard and 10 percent “some kind of beef”. But then I must add that at the bus station in Puerto Vallarta, I had a hamburguesa doble and the meat they used tasted worse than cardboard. How I yearned for a Carl’s Junior six dollar gourmet burger. But then again, after my blood test the other day and finding that my cholesterol was 234, I will be eating lots of broccoli al dente and passing on grease, butter and poly unsaturated fatty food.


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