#4 Stuff Mexican People Like — Pink Fiesta Cake

Now, you’ve got your Diana Kennedy, who has been inducted into the Order of the Aztec Eagle, a prize bestowed by the Mexican government upon foreigners for really meritorious stuff, and you’ve got Patricia Quintana, the reigning Mexican queen of Mexican cuisine, who not only has her own restaurants and writes books but also markets her own brand of salad dressing. And then you’ve got the gastronomistas like Mexico Cooks! who lavish drooling praise over every morsel of la comida Mexicana.

Fiesta Cake But none of them ever mention the all-time favorite of fiesta fans — pink party cake, glued together with an industrial-strength filling. No small-town fiesta is complete without a few stands selling this culinary wonder, which means that it has to be a popular treat among, well, the crowd popular. In and around Morelia, it’s fabricated by the Cristiano folk of Acuitzio de Canje, a small town known for swapping Mexican prisoners of war for the French and Belgians back in 1865. For all I know, this hazmat dessert was something that the frogs left behind.


8 comments on “#4 Stuff Mexican People Like — Pink Fiesta Cake

  1. Alan says:

    My mom used to make pancakes that looked like that. She was considerate enough most of the time to ask our color preferences for the day before adding the requisite food color.
    Ah, the good ol’ days — still alive in Mexico!


  2. steve Cotton says:

    The fiesta cake looks like a distant cousin of a dessert my mother would make for special gatherings. She would prepare a bright red version of gelatin (cherry, strawberry) and then stir in a quart of vanilla ice cream, chunks of angel food cake, and a couple bananas. It then would set up in the refrigerator. I have subsequently made it for some of my own gatherings. My friends usually look at it as if — it was a version of fiesta cake. I just may make some for her and drive it up to Portland.


  3. Now I gotta have some of that cake, thanks to that tempting description and photo.


  4. Gina Hyams says:

    Seeing this image on Facebook made me smile. I hope you’ll post about Mexican Jell-O as well. Typing “Mexican Jell-O” into Google doesn’t do the topic justice.


  5. We’ve already done gelatin. Well, at least Gelatin Part I. See http://staringatstrangers.typepad.com/staring_at_strangers/2008/05/stuff-mexican-p.html
    And that isn’t jello in between those layers of cake. It’s sort of what happens when too much corn starch is added and cooked too long, creating a heavy-duty plasticized stuff.


  6. One of the ingredients in my mother’s panty was bottle after bottle of food colouring. She would use it to colour cream cheese applied to the outside of a mixed layered sandwich. As I got older, I used the bottles when I cooked my little brother eggs for breakfast. Like Dr. Seuss who doesn’t like green eggs. I think I might go out and buy some food colouring today and really make my dinner party tonight really interesting and say I got the recipe from Diana Kennedy.
    I don’t think you would ever get a Foodie to eat Fiesta Cake but perhaps if a Foodie was ever put in an Guantanamo Bay equivalent after an invasion by Iran, they would use items containing food colour to extract confessions. “If you don’t tell us where the best Taco Stand is in San Miguel you will have to eat this?” But then I don’t think it takes much to get a Foodie to recommend things other than Fiesta Cake.


  7. James says:

    That’s awesome. That cake is gross but i would probly eat it too.


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