#5 Stuff Mexican People Like – Hot Dog

Santa Maria Concurso de Mole 2008 hot dog 016_edited Mexican people take their hot dogs seriously. Not only are the refrigerated shelves of every tienda and super loaded with enough brands and styles of hot dogs to sate a modern army, the hot dog finds its way into venues least suspected. A slice of hot dog atop a hamburger, chopped up hot dog in pasta, and finely minced hot dog in chicken soup are just a few of the ways wily Mexican cooks will sneak hot dog into practically anything short of gelatina. And it’s not just a low-class, poor folks, naco thing – I’ve witnessed hot dog-enhanced dishes at VIPS (which is not exactly where VIPs eat) and on upper-middle class tables. Mexicans deploy hot dog like Estadounidenses use Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup.

Santa Maria Concurso de Mole 2008 hot dog 017 We Mexicans (Well, make that “some Mexicans,” since this Mexican loathes hot dog.) love our hot dogs so much that we even make them part of any self-respecting street fair repast – gussied up into corn dogs or blanketed in a slice of tortilla and fried. Or even sliced in half and then lengthwise so that they’ll bloom in hot oil.

Mexican cookbooks and travel literature won’t report on the hot dog phenomenon, but any Mexican will tell you if you ask nicely. It’s one of those things that we just keep to ourselves.


4 comments on “#5 Stuff Mexican People Like – Hot Dog

  1. Mexicans eat weenies for the same reason they eat Jello. It´s cheap.


  2. billiem says:

    I’ve never figured out why with so many kinds and brands of weenies on the grocery shelves, they all taste alike.


  3. Ruthincondechi says:

    But you didn’t mention the 3 dogs for $10 peso stands in the D.F.
    They used to wrap bacon around the dogs but I think that’s been discarded as too much of an artery buster!


  4. Larry Ramirez says:

    Another Mexican delicacy is fried bologna…you haven’t lived until you’ve had fried bologna wrapped in a fresh, hot tortilla with a little mayonnaise or mustard. Also, hot dogs hidden in scrambled eggs..Yum!


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