Why I’m Not Voting

This will be the third U.S. presidential election to take place since my departure from the U.S. In that time, I’ve lived through two Mexican presidential elections.

It’s no secret that I voted for the winning candidate in the last two U.S. presidential elections. In normal circumstances, I would’ve been tempted to vote for the candidate from the same party again. But these are not normal circumstances.

John McCain sucker-punched the thinking wing of the G.O.P., insulting more than half of all eligible voters by his selection of Sarah Palin. He had plenty of time to replace Mrs. Palin with a respectable running mate, and he blew it. He has eviscerated the Republican Party. I cannot vote for him.

I cannot vote for Barack Obama.

During the past month, I was tempted several times to request an absentee ballot, but it just didn’t seem worth the effort. Not even to enter a protest vote.

What I’ve been hearing from friends in the U.S. saddens and frightens me. One said “I’m voting for the schvartze, but I’m also going out and buying myself some guns.” Lawyers in Republican as well as Democratic circles have asked me to save room for them in the casita, because the the rotten state of affairs has made them seriously consider the prospect of leaving the country.

As Sean Mattson writes in the San Antonio Express-News, Republicans living in Mexico are a quiet group, pushed underground by Democratic activists in the expatriate community. I can remember campaigns which made a big deal out of exercising the right to vote. The only campaign I’m supporting this year is the right not to vote.

6 comments on “Why I’m Not Voting

  1. Steve Cotton says:

    What has bothered me most about this campaign is the comic book manner that both candidates have approached the current economic situation. It sounds as if both of them are being advised by people who learned economics by reading the Classics Illustrated version of Das Kapital.
    My only hope is that they are both simply lieing about what they intend to do. If not, the American economy is toast.
    For the last eight years I have made fun of the insanely wealthy celebrities who threatened to leave the country if Bush was elected. Of course, they never left. They simply stayed and continued earning the money that our system allows them to make.
    But this time I will get the last laugh. I am leaving the country no matter who is elected. Of course, I am leaving without any connection to the election. I just wanted to get some of that moral superiority for my own pipe.


  2. Felipe Zapata says:

    According to some survey, Democrats in San Miguel outnumber Republicans 10-1. That probably is roughly the case throughout Mexico.
    Moving to Mexico does not distance one from U.S. influence. What happens in the White House affects the world. You cannot escape it.
    I did not vote this time either because my ballot never arrived this year. Fate.


  3. Babs says:

    That jerk who wrote the rticle in the San Antonio Express just wanted a trip to San Miguel and then he had to come up with a story line. I can assure you there are not 10 Democrats for every Republican. I have never seen or heard of the guys he quoted in the article – it’s all “poppycock”. We associate with each other. We have scintillating conversations about the election and no one is putting down the other. If “they” are – I don’t know who “they are!


  4. Oh puh-lease people!
    Why is it every time there’s a U.S. presidential election, people always threaten to leave the country? “I’m going to Canada!” “I’m going to Mexico!”
    Bwaaaaa! Bunch of babies! Get over it – the candidate you want might not get elected.
    And as far as conditions being scary here in the U.S., I don’t think so. Right now we’ve got the strongest currency in the world – I don’t think people are racing to buy dollars because they think we’re on the verge of collapse. In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s plenty of worse news in lots of other countries.
    Jen, don’t expect any of those U.S. lawyer friends of yours to show up at your casita anytime soon.


  5. Lew Wiener says:

    Frankly,I was disappointed that Sarah Palin didn’t drop McCain as her running mate.
    I think if she had a younger, more vigorous, true conservative running mate they could have won the election.
    The liberals and the youth had a candidate to get excited about and they worked hard for him It was tough for conservatives to get excited about McCain.-and without that excitement it was an uphill battle to get people to come out and work for the ticket.


  6. Spinoza says:

    If you don’t vote, you can’t complain.
    Obama will be a good president. A savior? No. But a decent man, who should be a decent president.


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