Down in Flames

While a good part of the world was glued to the television and Internet watching the U.S. presidential election returns this evening, Mexico’s attention turned to another tragedy. A plane carrying Interior Minister Juan Camilo Mouriño fell from the sky, exploded in a ball of fire on the Paseo de la Reforma, incinerating cars, killing ten on the ground and sending forty people to the hospital.

The post held by Mouriño is considered the second-most important in the Republic. He was the president’s right-hand man. The common wisdom held that he was headed for the presidency in 2012.

Let me put this into Estadounidense perspective. Imagine the loss of Dick Cheney and Michael Chertoff in one fell blow, their plane crashing over New York’s Upper East Side.

Put politics aside for a moment, and think of the impact of what the loss of your country’s second-in-charge would mean.


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