Come on Back to Morelia

An Estadounidense businessman we’ll call “Jerry” has been circulating a set of photos and captions of Morelia’s September 15 attack which are beyond the pale, more graphic than anything ¡Alarma! would ever publish, adding a curt little note that he has decided to postpone any business ventures in Mexico. In the days since the attack, Morelia has become one of the safest cities in the country, but ignoramuses like Jerry cause as much pain as those dudes who tossed the grenades into the crowd.

The Jerrys of the U.S. forget about the black guy who went on a killing rampage starting at the courthouse in Atlanta, the massacre at Luby’s Cafeteria in Killeen, Texas, last year’s cold blood at Blacksburg, the Oklahoma City bombing, 9/11, the Beltway sniper, and even the daily crime score in Baltimore. Could you imagine a Mexican businessman boasting that he’s not going to do business in the U.S., because it’s such a dangerous country?

Come on back to Morelia. Come back to Mexico.


3 comments on “Come on Back to Morelia

  1. Steve Cotton says:

    Good post, Jennifer. The attack was terrible, but using that as an excuse for not visiting Morelia — or Mexico — makes as much sense as not visiting New York or London because they were victims of terrorist attacks.


  2. Cairelle says:

    Wow, what a terrible thing to happen! Something like would never dissuade me from visiting, though. I live in New Orleans, and believe me I understand all too well how crime can affect others’ perceptions. It’s unfortunate – but some people are just too scared or blind to look outside of their little boxes.
    I guess that makes the world a little more roomy for me, though!


  3. Ray says:

    We were there a few days ago. Morelia is a real city. It’s amazing how a real city can bounce back. Jeremy’s blog entry is from a month ago. I wonder what he would say about Morelia now.
    I was about to have dinner before I opened that Alarma link, Jenn!


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