Thinking, for a Change, about Latin America

The average Estadounidense doesn’t think about what lies south of its border very often, and when he does, he thinks of the border wars, Mexican immigrants, and some nasty business in Colombia, with a taco thrown in for good measure. Even the above-average, well=-educated Estadounidenses, the kind who’re respected by their peers and often even put into positions of great authority, don’t pay much attention to Latin America, tossing off gems like “Mexico doesn’t have a real middle class.” These folks desperately need to rethink Latin America, starting right here at the Brookings Institution’s report on Rethinking U.S.-Latin American Relations. Even if the report is plagued with platitudes, partnerships and dialogues.

Credit goes to Two Weeks Notice for alerting us to this report.



2 comments on “Thinking, for a Change, about Latin America

  1. muycontento says:

    Our paisanos have never been able to think about Latin America with any global perspective or sense of history. Don’t hold your breath waiting for them (us) to start now. We stumble around here totally bewildered by the fact that they don’t do what we do, don’t think what we think, etc.
    It provides content for half the gringo bloggers, the other half occupied observing the new patio being built by Millie and Arnold, the price of eggs in SMA, etc.


  2. Esteban says:

    I suppose you could also say that no matter where you are in the world, most people don’t know jack shitt about history. Why do you think the US has a TV show called “Do you know more than a 5th grader?” Who wrote all this history stuff anyway?
    The biggest realization one may go through in life is finding the line between fact and fiction. It’s amazing how so many base their whole lives on historical fantasies.
    However, you can’t know it all. It’s a full time job, for example, to keep up with the current history of Columbia.
    And, even that imaginary knowledge will lead you from Cocaine to McCarthyism to American big business and back or vice versa.


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