Ten Best Expat Blogs About Mexico

Staring at Strangers has been named one of the ten best expat blogs about Mexico. How kewl is that? It puts Staring at Strangers in the august company of blogs like Adventures of a Third World Shopkeeper, Billieblog (even if we can’t get admitted to that blog’s blogroll), Jesus del Monte, Peeks at Mexico, Mexico Trucker, Same Life – New Location, Tales of Zapata Street, Travels with Travis, and Zocalo de Mexican Fine Art.

I’d like to be able to say that these blogs were selected the old-fashioned American way, the Blagojevich way, but we didn’t receive or even solicit a single red peso for these nominations. I guess that makes Staring at Strangers pure, honest, and poor.

3 comments on “Ten Best Expat Blogs About Mexico

  1. As agreed, I just wired the cash to your account in the Caymans.


  2. Mil felicidades from Mexico Trucker.
    (payment for this comment can be made to my PAYPAL account) ;)


  3. Deb says:

    Definitely honest and poor.
    So pleased to be in your company as well. Salud! (clink of glasses filled with very good red wine here).


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