A Letter From a Granddad

Guess you heard that 68% of the youth vote went to Obama. My 20 yr old granddaughter called this morning to tell me she was one of them. I replied with this e-mail:

My Dear Susan,

The election of Obama comes down to this. Your grandmother and I, your mother, and other productive, wage-earning tax payers will have their taxes increased and that means less income left over. Less income means we will have to cut back on basic purchases, gifts and handouts. That includes firing the Hispanic lady who cleans our house twice a month. She just lost her job. We can’t afford her anymore.

What is the economic effect of Obama’s election on you personally? Over the years, your grandmother and I have given you thousands of dollars in food, housing, cash, clothing, gifts, etc. By your vote, you have chosen another family over ours for help.

So in the future, if you need assistance with your rent, money for gas, tires for your car, someone to bring you lunch, etc. … call 202-456-1111.
That’s the telephone number for the Office of the President of the United States . I’m sure Mr. Obama will be happy to send a check from his personal or business accounts, as we have, or leave cash in an envelope taped to his front door for you, as we have.

It’s like this. Those who vote for the President of the United States should consider what the impact of an election will be on the nation as a whole and not just be concerned with what they can get for themselves (welfare, stimulus checks, etc.). What Obama voters don’t seem to realize is that the government’s money comes from taxes collected from tax paying families. Raising taxes on productive people means they will have less money to spend on their families.
Congratulations on your choice. For future reference, you might attempt to add up all you’ve received from us, your mom, Mike’s parents and others and compare it to what you expect to get over the next four years from Mr. Obama.
To congratulate Mr. Obama and to make sure you’re on the list for handouts, write to:

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington , DC 20500

Love you Susan, but call the number listed above when you need help.
Take Care!



3 comments on “A Letter From a Granddad

  1. Gary Denness says:

    Meh. The ‘a Democrat got elected so now we’re all gonna be broke ’cause of the taxes’ argument. Same sort of letter as got sent when Clinton was in office, same as when Carter got elected, etc.
    Did you stop your handouts during the Clinton years? Have you worked out how much of your tax money has been spent on Iraq?
    For most of my adult life I’ve been a tax payer in the UK. Where we pay far more than you do. Children still go to university. They get better and more comprehensive health care than the average American. We haven’t had electricity black outs like some parts of the States in recent years.
    And mums and dads still manage to give their kids thousands of pounds in food, housing, cash, clothing, gifts, etc.
    So I’m a long way off from seeing your point.
    Incidentally, this doesn’t mean I’m all for wanton taxing and spending. I want my tax money spent efficiently and sensibly. And corporations are no better at wise spending than governments, and considerably worse when it comes to long term investments.


  2. Steve Immel says:

    I’m surprised that you lowered yourself to forwarding a Limbaugh like diatribe “full of sound and fury signifying nothing”. This kind of muck appeals to those who haven’t a clue about what happened to the economy. It appeals to ignorant Bushites who still think that if one commits to Christ, there is no need for health care.
    It’s a slap in the face to thinking people. For the last 8 years, the people in power had the chance to revise the health care system but did they? No! Their Ayn Rand theories didn’t work. They failed miserably. It’s time for some trickle up economics as the other didn’t work.
    Yes Grandpa and Grandma I know you won’t be giving me anymore money but it’s not because I voted for Obama, the real reason is that your people lied cheated and scammed all your money and your new job as a greeter at Walmart won’t allow you to pay for anything like you did in the past.


  3. Steve Cotton says:

    Jennifer — Glad to see you are back posting. I realize this is your blog, but I think the post misses the true American message. Grandpa can disagree with granddaughter’s choice, but remind her, that unlike the government that will repeatedly disappoint her and rob of her liberty, her family will always be there to support her with love and understanding. That, after all, is the strength of the American family.


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